Teaching Workshop Schedule

(Subject to change)


Wednesday, August 1

6:00                Dinner

6:30               "What's Worth Wanting?" Matt Croasmun,  Yale Center for Faith and Culture

Thursday, August 2

8:00               Breakfast

9:00               Welcome from John Barton, Center for Faith & Learning, Pepperdine 

9:05               Plenary Panel: "Contexts and the Question"

Synopsis: This panel discussion will focus on key preliminary questions, including: How do our different contexts lend themselves to asking the big question - what’s worth wanting? What are the hurdles? How do we ask the question in our various pedagogical contexts?

  • Moderator, Ryan McAnnally-Linz, Yale Divinity 
  • Stephen Angle, Wesleyan University
  • Yonatan Brafman, Jewish Theological Seminary
  • Mark Davis, St. Luke's School, New Canaan, CT
  • Sarah Farmer, Yale Divinity School
  • Jane MacKenzie, San Francisco Interfaith Council

10:30             Coffee Break

10:45             Small Groups: "Reading Creeds & Cultures - Implicit & Explicit Visions"

Synopsis: This session will explore a key analytical tool for pedagogies of the good life, analyzing cultures and traditions in terms of explicit visions of the good life – those announced – and implicit visions – those discernible in the actions and organizational structures particular to creedal and cultural communities.

  • Group A: Old Refectory
  • Group B: Old Refectory
  • Group C: Latourette
  • Group D: SG-58

12:30            Lunch

1:00              Kenda Creasy Dean, "Vulnerability in the Classroom," PTS

Synopsis: This session will center on how to create a classroom culture that supports student vulnerability and mutual-learning and why this is important.

2:00            Afternoon Refreshments 

2:30            Small Groups: "Cultivating Learning Communities"

 Synopsis: This small group discussion session will focus on how to integrate the asking of                               questions of ultimate significance, analysis, and vulnerability in different pedagogical                                     contexts.

  • Group A: Old Refectory
  • Group B: Niebuhr
  • Group C: Latourette
  • Group D: SG-58

             5:30            Brick Oven Pizza on the Divinity School Green

Friday, August 3

8:00              Breakfast

9:00             "Tales from the Life Worth Living: Pedagogical Insights from Different Contexts"

Synopsis: This plenary session will provide an opportunity to hear first-hand accounts from those currently teaching Life Worth Living and other classes oriented around a pedagogy of the good life.

  • Moderator, Kenda Creasy Dean, PTS
  • Daniel Chua, University of Hong Kong
  • Matthew Croasmun, Yale University
  • Joshua Forstenzer, University of Sheffield
  • Angela Gorrell, Yale University
  • Casey Strine, University of Sheffield

11:30            Small Groups: "What's next?"

  • Group A: Old Refectory
  • Group B: Niebuhr
  • Group C: Latourette
  • Group D: SG-58

           12:30                Lunch