what is the yale Center for faith & culture?

The gospel of Jesus Christ calls us to a way of life. It presents a vision of flourishing, of abundant life, and commissions us in service of that vision. This vision of flourishing is expansive. It claims our lives in every aspect. The gospel cannot be placed neatly in a container beside other values and interests. Discipleship is not one activity alongside others. No, the yeast of the kingdom of God leavens the whole of our lives.

In response to this comprehensive call, the Yale Center for Faith & Culture (YCFC) articulates and promotes practices of faith that advance authentic human flourishing. It does so in service of our churches, our cultures, our world, and our God.

1)    We produce world-class scholarship and build networks of likeminded scholars. Ideas matter. They capture our imaginations, and humans are imagining creatures. But ideas do not float above the world like wisps of smoke. They inform the concrete stuff of our lives. And since we are social beings, they do their work by circulating between us. YCFC produces deep Christian reflection on God, Christ, and flourishing, and develops connections with scholars elsewhere doing similar work in order to maximize our combined positive impact in the academy.

2)    We work to revitalize seminary and undergraduate education. At its best, education is not the impartation of sterile information, but a process of vital formation. We teach divinity school students to let their faith shape their visions of flourishing, and we teach undergraduates how to wrestle with the most meaningful question of their lives—what makes a life worth living?—in the context of pluralistic, truth-seeking conversations.  

3)    We listen to, engage with, and resource publics beyond the academy. YCFC is never content to let its intellectual work remain inaccessible to people in the pulpit, the pews, the office, or the home. We communicate the deep wisdom of the Christian tradition in ways that connect today and matter for daily life.

4)    In all of this, we are a team. The questions of Christian faith and its implications for life today are too sweeping and profound to be addressed by an isolated individual. We collaborate as writers, teachers, and communicators, so as to learn from one another and best serve our shared mission.

Ours is a faith that will not leave the world behind, will not rest content with merely private piety. In a world yearning for the flourishing life for which God made it, faith and the theology that seeks to understand it must be engaged with life in its full scope. That is the work of the Yale Center for Faith & Culture.   

research staff


miroslav volf

Founder & Director

ryan staff pic.jpeg

ryan mccannally-linz

Managing Director

Associate Research Scholar

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Drew collins

Associate Research Scholar


matt croasmun

Associate Research Scholar

Director, Life Worth Living Program

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Sarah farmer

Associate Research Scholar


angela gorrell

Associate Research Scholar